What we do

Clean Solutions delivers innovative integrated package solutions for infrastructural projects, energy, water, waste and smart cities. Clean Solutions helps analyze your project and define the right team of Danish, international and local companies who can drive the process and take responsibility for developing, delivering and implementing comprehensive packages consisting of technology, know-how and financing.

How we do it

Clean Solutions helps develop the project and ensures the right team of local, Danish and international partners. We are with you from the initial phase of the project to the implementation and, if needed, throughout the first period of commissioning and operation. Clean Solutions is available for the entire or just part of your project, regardless of where you are in the project phase. Working with you and your local partners, we shape the project with solid results and cost competitiveness during the overall project life cycle.

Who we are
Clean Solutions is made up of a committed group of Danish organizations representing the entire Danish cleantech- sector within water, energy efficiency and district energy and waste. The group consist of technology providers, consultants, public institutions and utilities, which gives you the best know-how and support during the whole process.