Project development

Clean Solutions helps develop the project and ensures the right team of local, Danish and international partners. We are with you from the initial phase of the project to the implementation and, if needed, throughout the first period of commissioning and operation. Clean Solutions is available for the entire or just part of your project, regardless of where you are in the project phase. Working with you and your local partners, we shape the project with solid results and cost competitiveness during the overall project life cycle.


Clean Solutions helps you find qualified partners and develop the right team of local, Danish and international partners. We guarantee you partners with the best and most suitable technologies for your project requirements. Denmark is the frontrunner in sustainable and green industry technologies, which gives Clean Solutions the opportunity of offering you the best technologies and the know-how that are tailor-made for your needs.

It is our job to get it right — that is why we work on developing financial solutions to match the project. We analyze the best options and work closely with you, the group of companies delivering the solution and the financial partners.
We facilitate and negotiate the best tailor-made financial solutions including supplier credits guaranteed by the Danish Export Credit Foundation at attractive interest rates, terms and conditions.
The lack of financing is without a doubt the greatest barrier to generating new projects throughout the world. Please let us know how we can find a financial solution for you.

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