Clean Solutions helps you invest in total solutions. Our one-stop-shop simplifies the process as we help mature your project and define the right team of international and local companies who can drive the process and take responsibility for developing, delivering and implementing comprehensive packages consisting of technology, know-how and financing.
Project development

Mature your project with our team of experts.


Find partners with suitable technologies for your project.


Ensure a tailor-made financing to match your project.

Award Winning Project Bridgeport

The project is a perfect example of turning waste into a sustainable and affordable way to provide heat to an entire area of a city.

Some call it...

Some call it turn-key solutions, others complex solutions. We call it Clean Solutions and define it as a partnership of organizations taking the responsibility for the entire or just part of the project.

“Nupower Thermal is very pleased to have received this award and to be working with the Danish Clean Consortium, the recognized leaders in the district thermal market.”
– Daniel Donovan, co-founder & President of NuPower, NuPower Thermal LLC