What we do

Clean Solutions aims to increase the export of Danish green solutions by helping Danish companies enter into partnerships to deliver expertise in the form of innovative total package solutions for foreign buyers. Clean Solutions supplies Danish companies with the tools and know-how to deliver complex turnkey projects.  If needed, we can also drive the process all the way through from initial idea to the final contract. We can do this without charging you a fee because we are a non-profit project with the goal of promoting Danish green exports.

How we do it

We have developed a set of tools to support your business and help you succeed with a solution-based sale. Our tools include templates, manuals, financial and commercial guides developed by our team of experts. These can be downloaded free of charge from our website. Clean Solutions can work with you for the entire project and facilitate the process. Our team of experts helps you enter the right partnership, develop your project, deliver and implement the solution and finally secure tailor-made financing.

Who we are
Clean Solutions is made up of a committed group of Danish organizations representing the entire Danish cleantech-sector within water, energy efficiency and district energy and waste. We can help and provide you with tools without charging a fee. This is possible because Clean Solutions is supported by The Danish Industry Foundation with the primary goal of promoting Danish green exports.