“We see the Clean Solutions partnership as a unique opportunity to broaden out many of the cutting edge sustainable system solutions being developed in Denmark. Denmark is a frontrunner wrt development of efficient and integrated solutions within renewable energy, waste & resource management and modern agriculture, and especially the integration between these sectors hold promising opportunities for exporting such solutions. We see the Clean Solutions partnership as a great vehicle for developing a viable action for ensuring a wider dissemination of such solutions”.

The focus of SDU Life Cycle Engineering is the optimization of engineering solutions in a holistic and long term perspective and with concerns for their impacts on climate and environment as well as their economic and socio-economic performance. We involve ourselves in the development of societal infrastructure as well as industrial and agricultural systems, and we look into options of creating synergy between sectors and systems with the objective of ensuring their long term sustainability, viability and competitiveness. The role of SDU Life Cycle Engineering in the Clean Solutions partnership is to contribute to the understanding and consolidation of the sustainability dimension of solutions and to the creation of their overall system efficiency and superiority over alternatives.

Henrik Wenzel
Head of SDU Life Cycle Engineering
Associate Professor