Mega shopping malls and huge buildings in the Philippines have massive energy consumptions and CO2 emissions as electricity is generated on coal fired power plants.

For the two distinct building owners Waltermart Mall and World Trade Center in Manila in the Philippines, the Danish consortium “DEEP” work to reduce consumption, emissions and costs of operating large malls. Danish know-how, technologies and architecture will be brought together with local partners in a combination of research & commercialization. These projects are based on Energy Performance Contract where the Danish group brings the technological and financial solution. Both contracts and thereby projects are expected to be signed and started being implemented in first half of 2018.

Danish companies that have been working together with DEEP on this project is: Kamstrup, Damgaard, Lite, Danfoss, HVAC Consult, Enopsol, NorthQ, Racell-Saphire Group

- The process from idea to contract negotiation with the customer
  • Establishment of NDAs and MoUs with customers in Manila
  • Technology competence mapping
  • Info meeting for interested companies in Denmark
  • Focus on integration of multiple technologies
  • Establishing a sense of common committment
  • Workshop for those companies willing to commit
  • Initial audit in Waltermart Mall and World Trade center
  • Delegation trip and workshops in Manila
  • Meetings with customers
  • Clean Solutions has identified and facilitated the dialogue all the way to signature
  • DEEP that is heading the projects has made the final Feasibility Study and submitted the contract to the project owners
It has been a very positive experience working with CLEAN on energy efficiency projects in Manila. The lead time have been remarkably short from initial conceptual discussions to engagement of senior management on the customer side and signing of MOUs with Waltermart, Robinson and the World Trade Center. It is too early to state what we as Danfoss ultimately will partake in but the solution based collaboration with CLEAN introducing a group of highly capable partners and engaging with the end customer as a trustworthy intermediary holds much promise. I hope to see the model expand to other ASEAN markets in the near future”.

– Allan H. Jensen Senior Director, Head of Danfoss Global Services Asia-Pacific and India