40% of the worlds energy are used in buildings and some of the biggest energy consumers are huge Malls. These Mega shopping malls that are both part of a social and cultural life are in rapid growth in hot climate zones and they all have massive energy consumptions and CO2 emissions.

Today it is possible to implement an Energy+Mall. Danish architects and engineers will succeed by using an integrated design process where they factor in e.g. daylight optimization, orientation of the buildings, solar cells and a holistic approach to ensure that all the different technologies in terms of cooling, ventilation and control systems are aligned.

By investing in high efficient malls with high efficient technology equipment owners  see the potential for increasing lease revenues due to lower service energy costs and maintenance costs, and they have realised that new malls have an in-build insurance towards ramifications from future increasing energy prices.

We have made an agreement with the project owner not to mention the name of the company before the final agreements have been made and the contract signed – this is expected in the second quarter of 2018.

Danish companies working together with the project owner is:
C.F. Moller and Danish Energy Management that are heading the project together with 11 companies

- The process from idea to developing final proposal for the first Energy+ Mall in Asia
  • Info meeting with committed partners in Denmark
  • Technology competence mapping
  • Meeting interested Danish companies with focus on integration of multiple technologies
  • Establising NDAs and MoU with project owner
  • Info meetings with committed partners
  • Establish a sense of common commitment between partners and project owner
  • Delegation trip to Asia with one day Workshops with project owner
  • Follow up meetings with project owner
  • Signing agreements between companies and project owner
  • Made tender documents