Developing and implementing baseline projects for financing energy efficiency via ESCO-model in the waste water sector.

The aim is to improve the energy efficiency and eventually render the WWTP net energy neutral or even net positive, through mapping of inefficient processes replacing equipment and continuously improvement.

Introducing the baseline model and online monitoring on the actual energy consuming parts and processes in a WWTP the customer will receive real-time information about actual energy-conditions of the plant and this will form the basis for the choice of future energy solutions, which will help the WWTP to optimize the plant.

Danish companies working together with the project owner are: 

Picca Automation and and EnviDan who are heading the projects – the basic idea was developed together with Grontmij A/S, DHI, Danfoss and Clean Solutions for Middelfart Waste Water Treatment Plant

- The process from innovation project to tendering the Baseline projects in Poland
  • Innovation project finalized in Middelfart Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Info meeting with committed partners in Denmark
  • Establish of LoI, NDA and MoU with project owners
  • Establish a sense of common commitment between partners and project owners
  • Delegation trip to the projects in Poland and Workshops on their specific project with the team from the project owners
  • Follow up meetings in Denmark with project owners
  • Signing agreements between companies and project owners on making the Feasibility Study
  • The first projects were send out in EU-tender in December and the second tender is expected in first quarter of 2018