Committee for Green Solutions Exports

Clean Solutions is a collaboration between CLEAN and The Danish Industry Foundation. Clean Solutions is led by a steering committee, the “Committee for Green Solutions Exports”, consisting of 14 members under the direction of a chairman. All members represent Danish businesses within the cleantech field. The steering committee aims to help Danish companies export total solutions in order to increase the overall export of Danish green solutions. The steering committee develops and ensures collaborative models to support solution-based sales and serve as the operational function in Clean Solutions.

Peter Høstgaard-Jensen

Chairman of FGSE

Thomas Mikkelsen

Udviklingskonsulent og projektleder for klimapartnerskaber, Teknik og Miljø, Aarhus Kommune

Hans Peter Slente

Senior Advisor, Danish Energy Industries Federation

Anders Stouge

Deputy Director General, Dansk Energi

Kim Mortensen

CEO, Dansk Fjernvarme

Miriam Feilberg

Senior Consultant, Danva

Lars Hummelmose

Managing Director, DBDH

Ole Fritz Adeler

Senior Vice President, Copenhagen Greater Utility, Hofor

Jacob Hartvig Simonsen

Managing Director, Dansk Affaldsforening

Ilse Korsvang

Head of Group, Danish Water Technology Group (Danish Export Association)

Henrik Wenzel

Head of SDU Life Cycle Engineering, Associate Professor

Finn Mortensen

Executive Director, State of Green

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