“Clean Solutions project can create a focus on some of the areas making it currently difficult to promote and sell Danish technologies together in a unique Danish solution. Over the last several years, we have tried to promote and sell Danish solutions without a big success. By focusing on specific areas we hope that the Clean Solutions project can show over the course of the next 3 years how we as one united utility business can succeed in promoting and selling Danish solutions. At the same time the Clean Solutions project has a responsibility to cooperate with other ongoing projects, so that we have the best chance of showing successful results after 3 years”.

The primary role of Copenhagen Greater Utility (HOFOR) is to produce and supply water, district heating, town gas and district cooling to our customers and at the same time transport and treat wastewater, so that our environmental footprint will be positive (e.g. Copenhagen has the ambition of being CO2 neutral in 2025).    Copenhagen Greater Utility can demonstrate solutions for each utility area with different technologies working together in an intelligent way, so that we, for example, are able to show some of the world’s lowest water consumption and leakage numbers, or one of the world’s most ambitious climate adaptation plans.   Copenhagen Greater Utility has the possibility to act as ambassador for Danish solutions and thereby for Danish private companies and be the responsible company for promoting Danish solutions all around the world.

Danish companies have some of the best technologies in the world, but we need to think in a different way if we have the ambition together as one united utility area to increase our export of Danish technologies and solutions. We need tools for cooperation and business models where consulting companies, technologies providers, entrepreneurs and utilities can work together and promote, sell and produce Danish solutions all around the world. At the same time we need flexible regulation of the Danish utility areas, so that public utility companies have the option to take on this role as ambassador for Danish technologies and solutions. This is not the case today!

Ole Fritz Adeler
Senior Vice President
Copenhagen Greater Utility