I was invited to the post as chairman of the FGSE, and I accepted it because of the relevance the project has; it takes companies through the transition of being solution providers rather than component providers, and this prepares the current and future generation of companies for an important change. CLEAN Solution is a useful project because it prepares our Danish industry for the growing, global demand for solution-based deliveries, and preparing our industry for this can have a large impact on the future of our country. I also accepted this position because believe that I can contribute with a qualified knowledge due to my many years of experience in the energy sector, and because of the very good network I have through my board work.

In my experience, both public and private companies find it a challenge to gather various components in a way, which creates holistic value, and which ensures the delivery of an entire solution. To do this demands a new set of skills, which we with the FGSE are attempting to map and create a toolbox for to ensure the right skills are implemented in the project phases and processes. Our approach here is learning-by-doing and with this as our method, we constantly become smarter, as we learn how we can deliver solution-based projects in the best possible way. We test the toolbox and alternative collaboration models on actual projects with consortia constructions, and by doing this we mature the toolbox as well as complete existing projects with alternative methods.

Most importantly is it to ensure that Denmark can stay competitive on the global market, and we can do this by preparing Danish industry properly for the demand of solution-based deliveries. We do this by testing new ways that companies can match up in their work, typically in consortia of 2-3 companies, which then involve subcontractors who can maintain a competitive price. This is a large part of what ensures Denmark a competitive position on the global market.

Peter Høstgaard