“We participate in the Clean Solutions project because we see this activity as one of many tools to support a systematic cooperation between water utilities, producers of equipment and engineering companies in order to promote export of Danish water technology for the benefit of Denmark and the world”.

Danish water and wastewater companies constantly need to develop markets locally and internationally for the benefit of all users. Water companies play a significant role to promote growth in the Danish Water Export by contributing to innovation and development of solutions that not only provide better and more efficient solutions for users in Denmark, but in a longer perspective can be exported to global markets. In this way the water companies can contribute to promoting the Danish water sector solutions abroad and are able to provide a proof-of-concept. DANVA, Danish Association of Water and Wastewater Companies, aims to promote the use of technologies from water companies in the Danish market and to provide information about global markets.

We participate in the Clean Solutions project in order to initiate global changes by contributing to cooperation in the water sector and sharing awareness about Danish solutions. Within this project we also wish to contribute to secure that all the opportunities that the water companies identify can be utilized to promote growth and export.

Miriam Feilberg
Senior Consultant