“Danish companies have achieved significant success in their exports of knowledge and technology within energy, environment and climate. In several markets, customers demand integrated solutions rather than individual products. By strengthening the collaboration and capabilities in delivering integrated solutions, the competitiveness of Danish companies is enhanced”.

Danish companies within clean technologies are successfully operating internationally to provide knowledge and technology to customers and partners. In energy technology alone, Denmark has seen exports almost triple from 2000 to 2015, when it amounted to more than 11 % of total Danish exports of goods – the highest share in any EU member country. With growing populations and a strengthened political focus on energy, environment and climate all over the world, this market is set for strong growth in years to come. Danish companies are in a strong position to take part in this growth. We have seen several commercial players successfully entering the market by selling integrated system solutions rather than individual components. State of Green is the official Danish green branding organization. Through their comprehensive website and services, foreign partners can identify study and even visit strong integrated Danish solutions. If companies can sell integrated projects that incorporate elements of planning, design, technology, building, operation, maintenance and financing, it may strengthen their relevance and competitiveness in a number of markets and tenders. Therefore, DI Energy contributes to the collaboration within the project Clean Solutions.

Hans Peter Slente
Senior Advisor
Danish Energy Industries Federation