“We are collaborating with CLEAN Solutions because we anticipate a variety of new possibilities for the export market in the utility sector involving the delivery of integrated solutions, with Denmark in the lead. New innovative solutions across different supply agents is a fast growing area, and Danish suppliers can achieve first-mover advantages, as well as create pilot solutions in Denmark, leading to more export (which in turn benefits our own development and growth). The participation of utility companies in this development must evolve within a framework in which the Danish clients in the utility companies do not lose money on an “adventure abroad”. It is vital that there is a toolbox and expertise to help in the creation of larger and smaller export consortia. The collaboration between the industry, advisors, public authorities and the utility companies in a Danish context can create strong grounds for a joint, global promotion of Danish solutions, if there are completed pilot projects we can use to communicate what we have learned”.

Dansk Fjernvarme is an industry association for 400 Danish district heating companies. The association is concerned with ensuring a large export market for the district heating industry’s production companies, as well as ensuring that home solutions are of the best quality and are competitive. The home market is an important condition for the export of district heating solutions, as the Danish culture in the supply industry is of an open nature, and fosters a common wish to share knowledge. This is a large part of showing Denmark and the Danish systems as a good example, and this can be seen in the strategies of Danish export. District heating and cooling is a growing market, and the local markets in the EU are of special interest after the European Commission’s strategic decision to expand district heating and cooling as active elements in reaching the ambitious European climate and energy targets.

Dansk Fjernvarme and the analytic unit Grøn Energi, DBDH and DI Energi have in collaboration decided to strengthen export within the district heating sector with the target of doubling the numbers over the next five years, up to DKK 10 billion a year. The successful story of Danish district heating comes from the fact that 65 % of all households in Denmark are running on district hearing, and this creates a good base for delivering similar successful solutions abroad. Through collaborations in the European industry association EuroHear & Power, and EU projects such as STRATEGO and Heatmap Europe, Danish actors, led by the University of Aalborg, have set the stage for tremendous growth within the sector. Although district heating has had considerable success, district cooling is not very widespread. In Sweden 40 % of the potential for district cooling is covered, whereas the percentage for the same is only 4 % in Denmark. An expected growth within the area of district cooling will likewise increase the possibility of export.

Kim Mortensen
Dansk Fjernvarme