“Denmark has traditionally been good at selling individual components and service to customers in other countries. However, the world is increasingly appreciating and demanding system oriented solutions, e.g. integrating different component and services into complete solutions servicing customer needs. Denmark should not miss this opportunity and Clean Solutions should help to facilitate and enable Danish clean tech companies to reap these high end opportunities”.

Competing for business abroad does not come naturally to utilities. However, activities of utilities can be seen as a prerequisite for the success of others abroad. The synergies between utilities and export-oriented goods and service producing companies may increase the opportunities for Danish export consortia selling integrated solutions to customers abroad. Furthermore, as utilities often are the customers demanding system solutions, examples and cases presented by Danish utilities to utilities and communities in other countries may increase the credibility of Danish Solutions. Representing Danish utilities, that’s all in all why The Danish Energy Association is part of Clean Solutions.

Anders Stouge
Deputy Director General
Dansk Energi