The implementation of a low-temperature heating and cooling system in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA, has made the city a frontrunner in clean and efficient energy production that many other cities in the U.S. are now looking at. A partnership consisting of the Danish companies ABB, Logstor, Alfa Laval, Kamstrup, OE3i, Damgaard Rådgivende Ingenører and others, working closely with the investor, came up with the right technical solutions and financing package to make this project a success. Clean Solutions contributed to the project by driving the process from the concept phase until the project was developed and then delivered to the partners for the final contract signing.
- Clean Solutions was instrumental in
  • Identifying, initiating and facilitating the projects and the right partnerships
  • Securing co-financing for the feasibility study (both private and state support)
  • Coordinating the internal work between partners and maintaining contact with the client
  • Developing the project together with a team of companies
  • Delivering a total package solution including both product and know-how
  • Developing and identifying local EPC
  • Negotiating concrete financing solutions and agreements with financial institutions on behalf of the partners
“Nupower Thermal is very pleased to have received this award and to be working with the Danish Clean Consortium, the recognized leaders in the district thermal market.”
– Daniel Donovan, co-founder & President of NuPower, NuPower Thermal LLC