Pre-Project Scope Questionnaire

Throughout the process, from lead to project, we highly recommend you to gather the information and data generated in what we call a ‘Pre-project Scope Questionnaire”. The document describes the nature and scope of the project and sums-up what has been agreed among consortium partners and the client, and will function as a ‘light business plan’ for the project. The pre-project scope can be used in an early stage dialogue with EKF (Danish Export Credit Agency) with the respect to financing.

The Pre-project Scope questionnaire takes you through all the essential questions and needed information in order to qualify and verify if your solution-based export lead is worth proceeding with. It is also well suited to use as a tool for facilitating the first dialogue with the client. The questionnaire will be used all along the process of preparing the pre-project scope document. This also means that you will fill in information a little by little as the project progresses.

The document is divided in seven parts, each of them comprising a set of questions leading to the detailed information required for a structured and deep understanding of the projects. A complete and clear understanding of projects will lead to a an accurate decision.

Please provide as much information as possible for each section.

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Download “Pre-project Scope Questionnaire” Pre-project-scope-questionnaire-1.docx